The Fancy Pigeons Auctioning


When we talk about the fancy pigeon, this is the term given to domesticated pigeon varieties of the Rock Pigeon. Then we have the pigeon fanciers, who are people who breed these feathered creatures with the point of developing certain sizes, hues, shapes and practices. Fancy pigeons are typically displayed at shows, fairs, and shows. There is believed to be more than 300 fancy pigeon breeds in existence, all extending in appearance and character. All the businesses and trade involving fancy pigeons are conducted on fancy pigeon’s auction sites.


Numerous fancy pigeons have been reproduced to look just about the grand in their appearance. The more one of a kind their shading, the higher the cost got for It., fancy pigeons have had a standard white body and zit appearance. On the other hand, there have been expanding quantities of exceptional hues getting through, because of perpetually changing breeding procedures. Likewise, different sorts of the tail, quills and markings are reared.


Most fancy pigeons are reared for show purposes. It is currently progressively typical for pigeon fanciers to create fancy pigeon breeds specifically for the pet market. The breeding of this kind of pigeon has implied that they can’t get by in nature. Fancy pigeons don’t have the impulses to discover their sustenance or to get by without their guardian. Thus, they can be a simple focus for predators.

Pigeon Shows

Fancy pigeons can partake in various shows around the world. Prices can vary, and there can be many participants. The Royal Pigeon Racing Association holds a pigeon demonstrate each year in Blackpool that pulls in around 25,000 guests. This was a philanthropy occasion, and £80,000 was raised. Other massive pigeon shows happen in Germany and Australia.

The Trade

Merchants reach many qualified purchasers consistently and understand a phenomenal, minimal effort chance to market their stock. Customers are given great arrangements on outstanding flying units and breeders – all the fervor of a pigeon closeout from the solace you could call your home!

All merchants are to give a full discount in the measure of the triumphant offer (delivery is non-refundable) if the purchaser is unsatisfied with the part acquired.


If the dealer in not able to ship the parcel one ought to reach the online closeout website. If the dealer’s check has been sliced, the vendor is capable to give the purchaser a full discount for the parcel obtained.

If the vender’s check has not been cut the bartering site will discount the purchase everything of the parcel acquired in addition to (dispatching is just discounted if the part has not been delivered to the buyer).


Dealers are not needed to pay the addition expense or accumulation charge if not able to ship parcel because of the mail station. We are mindful that delivering is inaccessible to a few areas. If the merchant does not send packages in an opportune manner and the purchaser needs a discount because of not receiving the package, it is the dealer’s responsibility to discount the purchaser full dispatching in addition to cost of part

A Guide To Online Pigeon Auction

An Online Pigeon Auction is a trading site for pigeons. Sellers reach hundreds of qualified buyers on a daily basis and get an excellent low-cost opportunity to market their stock. Presenting the customers are with good deals on outstanding flying kits and breeders. It brings all the excitement of a pigeon auction from the comfort of your home.

How it the Auction Works

The top quality pigeons are entered into the auction site, and thousands of qualified bidders interact with the birds.  Read over the information, look at the pictures provided and place birds for the one that fancy them.

When the auction closes, the seller and the highest bidder are notified via email. The winner makes the payments and the seller ships the pigeons to the winner.

However, auctions will not close while bidders still want to bid. All auctions will have a scheduled time to close, and when this auction would reach this predetermined close time, it will remain open until such time as there are no more valid bids.

On Getting Started

In order to trade, all you need is a connection to the internet and a web browser such as Chrome, Mozilla, Opera or Safari, A working email and a form of payment. Usually, one would open the bidding site, and register to trade.

In most cases, there is usually no charge to register, and most sites do not ask for any costs. Credit card registration may also be equally omitted.

Costs for Winning Bidders

Winning bidders/buyers pay whatever they bid for their winning bids in the auction plus shipping fees. Other additional charges may apply to electronic timers and equipment. All prices are subject to change.

Sellers condition and Costs

Charging a certain fee is usually as the insert fee per lot. This fee normally ranges from $20-$50 but may differ with the item being placed on trade. Sellers are then charged a certain amount on winning bids. Refunding buyers the winning bid amount. If the lot is shipped and found faulty, it may be refunded.

Picture Size

Pictures are usually 400 pixels, and this is the same size as a 4 x 5 or 3 x 5 picture. Pedigrees must be 900 pixels, and this is around 8.5 x 11. When creating a lot, it is advisable to put the picture in the Bird Image box and the Pedigree in its respective place too.

Secure online auction systems automatically downsize pictures and pedigree to the proper size. However, these systems cannot increase the size. It is thus quite important to use the recommended pictures sizes to avoid instances where the system would render images blurry.

Seller Requirements

1. All the lots must have the band numbers of birds listed. It is not acceptable to list kits, or any other birds until you have the very birds available for sale.

2. The seller must be quite ready and willing to send the birds to the buyer upon notice from an auction site, once the auction has closed.

3. The seller must guarantee all birds to be reproductive sound and enough healthy. One must be willing to replace the birds for the first 60 days after the close of the auction.

Crucial Factors to Pigeon Auctioning

In most cases, the mind troubling question pertaining pigeon racing revolves around the success in pigeon racing. In case you might have wondered about are the proper and most efficient steps to becoming a successful pigeon racing fancier. The answer for this kind of question lies within you- It all starts with stock selection, as this now defines the Pigeon Auction.

Presently stock selection is essentially setting the tone for your loft. It implies if you purchase a few racing pigeons with experience, they probably will have attributes of quality, continuance and high health. Which is enormous when you need an effective loft? So if you purchase two, or however numerous pigeons you decide to purchase, those pigeons will go on the characteristics of their youngsters. Apparently different qualities can be played with, somewhat controlled with excellent reproducing aptitudes and learning. Anyhow, we won’t cover that just yet.

So the most critical thing to do is verify you pick fantastic breeders as your starting stock. If you pick your racing pigeons lousily, then you undoubtedly won’t have a winning loft by any methods. In pigeon racing, you can’t simply have one astounding racing pigeon, you have to have numerous. You have to have a winning and a fruitful loft! So an illustration of a decent rearing pigeon, would be a pigeon that has hustled and reproduced in the recent past. So you can see what sort of youngsters the produce, and what qualities they passed along. It is essential, and ideally the individual you plan to purchase your pigeons from has kept a record of the reproducing examples.

The better you make your establishment for your loft, the better risk you will have a fruitful racing pigeon loft! As you know, rarely will a house with horrendous establishment remain up against terrible climate, or time, same thing with your pigeon loft.

There are various approaches to purchase your establishment stock of racing pigeons for your loft. Normally the most secure wager is to purchase yearlings. It implies they do have a season of racing added to their repertoire, and you can tell by the records how well they did if they race long separation or sprint races.

It will help you pick fit and healthier racing pigeons that have effectively ended up being a decent racer. If you know some top fanciers in your general vicinity, attempt and get some late incubates from them.

A decent approach to begin if you aren’t too particular what to search for in a pigeon for healthy and fit qualities. Just verify the fancier you purchase from has a winning loft, and again check the racing and reproducing records.

If you have a thought of what a fit and healthy racing pigeon resembles, take a stab at heading off to a sale. Utilizing this technique will permit an opportunity to get incredible racing pigeons at a low cost.

Consider your stock selection important, regardless of the fact that this is simply a diversion for you. It will set up the future for your loft, and you will need to stay far from unhealthy pigeons, that go with undesirable qualities. Appreciate your initial couple of ventures in your pigeon racing adventure!

Pigeon Racing Auction

When we talk about Pigeon Racing, it is a game of releasing trained pigeons that are exceptionally reared, prepared and conditioned to take part in races that vary from a distance of 100-1000 km. The winner is usually the bird that travels with the highest speed from the start point to the destination.

Where to discover racing pigeons?

The best place to discover the racing pigeons, lie under the pigeon auctions. In an auction, one can discover purchasing an assortment of pigeons available. There are are quite a number of popular pigeon auction sites on the internet. The different types this auction that exist are;

• The Complete sell-out: In this type of the pigeon auction, the loft offers all the clocks, birds, and pigeon supplies.

• The Loft- reduction auction: This includes reduction of the quantity of birds in a loft. Be that as it may, it will in any case partake in pigeons racing.

• Special auction: unique birds are put to deal with this sort of pigeon auction.

• Donation Auction: giving the unique pigeon to a philanthropy or trust raiser.

In order to take part in any of the above auction, one ought to get his work done well. In the event that you can’t stand to purchase a prepared racing pigeon, you can thus buy the pigeons you cherish and train them.

Before participating in any online auction involving pigeons. Verify that the auction organization has a decent notoriety in regards to the nature of pigeon supplies, characteristics of chart racing lofts and the sort of conditions and race courses the merchant fly.

If you are going to the racing auction as an individual, then make a point to get at the spot well before the actual auction time. It will offer time to look at the birds and either their families. Subsequently, you will have the capacity to settle on a right choice at the time pigeon auction on which bird to purchase.

If you don’t have enough mastery in mulling over the racing bird loft, take the assistance of experienced pigeon reproducers. Survey the pigeons on the premise of the execution however not the presence of wings, throat, back and muscles.

Sometimes it may not be workable for the fancier to go to the auction. In such cases, certain activities permit to place intermediary offers or mail-in offers well ahead of time. They even permit the fancier to place greatest offer on a bird.

In any case on the off chance that you choose to discover pigeons at auctions or you decide to breed your birds, the game of birds racing is a standout amongst the most agreeable exercises one could encounter! Most fanciers have been reproducing and raising birds their entire life and truly simply appreciate the procedure of raising and preparing their birds.

Pigeon racing has been my passion for quite a while. I find the procedure captivating from reproducing to preparing to racing pigeons. In the event that you might want to take in more of the game of pigeon racing then please visit the locales that are totally devoted to pigeon auctions.

Best Racing Pigeons Breeds For Sale

Pigeons have been taking off through the skies even before people existed on this planet. Known for the regular insight and savage nature, pigeons have assumed numerous a parts in our history.

There are a few hundred known sorts of pigeons on the planet, around three hundred actually. A large portion of these kinds of pigeons looks either like the pigeon we see on our city boulevards, the non-domesticated “Rock” pigeon. The white birds we at some point see in the wild, however, more probable in enchantment shows or on welcome cards.

Fanciers have, throughout the years, created diverse routines for racing pigeons, each having as its fundamental goal the enhanced execution of their pigeons.

There are no insider facts in pigeon racing. The management and information concerning the fancier and his experience in flight, alone will help him. Fanciers who accept that they can make pigeons fly quicker by issuing all of them sorts of mystery medications and drugs will be frustrated by their outcomes. A pigeon can just accomplish top exhibitions when it appreciates flawless health.

The following is a little rundown and depiction of the quickest pigeons that are accessible available to be purchased.

1. Janssen Racing Homers – Around $57.50

Flight pace of around 55 mph. Can fly 400-500 miles. Jansen’s begun in Europe, Germany/Belgium Blue bars & are ingenious.

2. Opal White Bar Racing Homer – Around $57.50

Snappy & quick.

3. Snow White Trenton Racing Homers -Around $50.00

These Trenton Racing Homer Pigeons are all white. With legitimate preparing, the Trenton can be an effective long separation flight breed.

Young, non-mated pigeons that have not been flown. They are united and are 3-15 months of age.

4. Yellow Trenton Racing Homers – Around $50.00

Savvy Birds, powerful flyers. Guardian stock has flown up to 400 miles in Homer races. Yellow is a latent shading, so you must mate yellow to yellow to get yellow.

5. Highwayman Racing Homer Non-Pedigreed – Around $50.00

Blue grizzled sprinkled, lovely & solid flyers. Grizzling= dark bits in the quills. The reproducers group are direct relatives of a well-known racing pigeon named “Brigand”.

6. Yellow Saddle Trenton Racing Homer – Around $50.00

Quick & solid. Savvy Birds, powerful flyers. Guardian stock has flown up to 400 miles in Homer races. Yellow is a latent shading, so you must mate yellow to yellow to get yellow.

7. Dark Eagle Racing Homers – Around $50.00

Solid, Reliable Long Distance Flyers began in South Africa. Somewhat bigger than the other homer breeds with powerful wings.

8. Dark Eagle Saddle Racing Homer – Around $57.50

A shading variety of the Black Eagle. Dark over wings, back, seat range. Powerful, solid flyer.

9. Blue Bar Saddle Janssen Racing Homers – Around 42.50

Quick, snappy developing, & solid racing homer of a light somewhat blue, dark shading w/2 dark bars over the back piece of the top surface of the wing. (Blue bar) Well conditioned fowls. Can fly 400-500 miles. Jansen’s started in Europe, Germany/Belgium.

10. Opal White Bar Saddle Racing Homer – Around $57.50

Insightful and agreeable. Exceptionally checked.

There are two aspects of a pigeon’s condition that impact the deciding result got. In any case, there is the physical condition of the pigeon, which will figure out if it can do the separation, at the pace permitted by winning climate conditions. In the second place, its execution will be impacted by its mental condition.

It at times happens that a pigeon’s mental condition and will, will command its physical condition however this will be the exemption as opposed to the standard since a pigeon’s physical condition is normally the main figure his execution.

Pigeon Supplies and Equipment

What to feed pigeons largely depend on what the pigeons purpose is. A homing pigeon feeds will be quite different to normal pigeons.

There exist quite a couple of pigeon supplies and for the purpose of getting all the vital supplies needed, I would like to keep this content short and to the point.

From research, the supplies needed for pigeon can be categorized into four important sections.


Carbohydrates – Complex carbohydrates provide vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

Foods such as Bread, legumes, rice, pasta and starchy vegetables contain complex carbohydrates.

Proteins -The function of the protein is an essential part of building and sustaining muscle growth.

It means that without adequate proteins, your body will not be able to build muscles.

Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins and include whole grains, rice, corn, beans, oatmeal, legumes, and peas

Fat – Fats are organic compounds that are made up of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen.

Pigeons require fat because it acts as;

1. Storage of energy

2. Insulating and maintenance of body heat

3. Shock absorption

4. Synthesis of hormones and prostaglandins

Pigeon food:

1. Seeds for pigeon:

Pigeons lean toward seeds in their eating regimen.

2. Vegetables for pigeon:

One can likewise include vegetables in their pigeon’s eating regimen. One can encourage crisp green vegetables to their pigeons. It is a smart thought to incorporate crisp green vegetables, for example, serve endive, chickweed, watercress, spinach in your pigeon’s food.

3. Fruits for pigeon:

It is a smart thought to offer organic products to your pigeon as they will help in keeping your pet solid, in addition, it will likewise fill in as a supplement

4. Pellets for pigeons:

Pellets is a wholesome dinner for pigeon. They are fundamentally offered to supplement their eating regimen with genuine meat proteins.

5. Vitamins and minerals:

It is noteworthy to include vitamin and mineral supplements in your pigeon’s eating regimen. One can include fundamental supplements like calcium, vitamins, coarseness, rock in their water.

Vitamins have a tendency to be ordinary substances required fundamentally for living. Vitamin and supplements are vital proposed for typical performing from the whole body from the pigeons to human.


It is prudent to check for all Pigeon Equipment, including cages, waterers, and other accessories.

The vital supplies needed are;

1. AMOXICILLIN 10 – Price: $32.00


3. Ronidazole POWDER 10% (use in drinking water to treat blister. – Price: $16.95

4. Fledgling CARIER ECONOMY SIZE FOR 4 BIRDS – Price: $15.95



7. Game Bird carrier larger – Price: $31.95




Cost: $15.95

11. PIGEON IN AND OUT TRAP – Price: $32.00



Pigeon supplies are inexhaustible, and these represent just a few.


Health or its absence is the key to all outcomes, great or awful! Regardless of the nature of your pigeons, if you are not able to keep them healthy, they are bound to perpetually poor results. It is safe to say that the individual who has pigeons of lesser quality but has figured out how to keep them near to the highest point of their health cycle will win. Against a gathering of prevalent pigeons whose critical health is minimal comprehended and has, lamentably, been permitted to lapse.

Building A Pigeon Loft

Pigeon keeping refers to the art and science of keeping these domestic birds-pigeon. The pigeon houses are referred to as lofts. It is quite paramount for one to provide a large enough space for the pigeons to easily move around quite comfortably. It allows pigeons to find their space, and can easily help to cut down the transmission of common diseases through one bird to the next.

These lofts should be of unquestionable high quality so that you can easily maintain. Most of the lofts use concrete, woods or screened floors as each one has its benefits and shortcomings. Wood flooring would provide the ideal choice for construction although it requires regular cleaning and also replacement.

Water from various sources such as cleaning, the water spills, and bird baths usually take its toll on these lofts made from wood. The Screened floors are a good option since the living area is usually cleaner because these droppings traverse through the floor.

Building pigeon lofts is not that all difficult and there are few factors that you should keep into consideration when going forward with development. This piece of writing gives all noble readers and fanciers a simple guideline that when adhered to, your loft design would meet the design and standards required.

Step 1: Before you even buy the materials for your space draw out what you imagine your space to resemble. I know this appears like an easy decision yet you will be shocked what number of individuals don’t do this basic step. Taking the time to do this present ensures spending less time building the lofts and increases efficiency.

Step 2: Find out what your neighborhood construction standard is, for your country. Make sure to fuse the state rules in your design. Nothing’s most noticeably wrong than having your space closed down because one didn’t meet code. If you are uncertain what the law for your state is I give an asset of where to discover at the base of this article.

Step 3: Be certain to design and incorporate your space with compartments. As a base, your space design ought to contain four chambers. Committing one of the compartments to separating debilitated birds. Two of the compartments can be used for different pigeon sorts and one for new pigeons ought to additionally be incorporated. In addition, your rooftop design ought to be conducive to simple approach and welcoming for your pigeons to need to return consistently.

Step 4: Be certain to include an area for pigeon roost that is a neglected thing in many designs. Introducing box roosts ought to be agreeable for the pigeon to stand and move around.

Step 5: Your design and construction of your space must  on ventilation. Your space ought to be as dry as could reasonably be expected at all times. Make sure your design thinks seriously about this indispensable imperative highlight. You may even need to have a fumes fan in your design and construction if that you can bear the cost of it.

Building Or Buying Your Own Pigeon Coop

It is quite necessary to join the exciting world of pigeons. The central question that is remaining disturbing to the brain is; would it be advisable for you to develop or build your particular pigeon coop or buy one? There are pro and cons to both choices. For the purpose of enlightening all noble readers, I am going to expound on both the Pros and cons so that we make a proper decision.

Pro’s for building your own:

1) By far, this choice permits your style to shine through. You have the capacity to begin little and manufacture as you expand your pigeon premise. 

2) Your beginning expense of building doesn’t stop at one value point. You can start constructing your pigeon coop on a shoestring plan that may be valuable if you are simply beginning. 

3) The fulfillment of knowing you did the occupation yourself. 

4) Add on highlights are expertly made and compatible as you move up to expanding your pigeon space. 

5) Your outline for your pigeon coop can reflect numerous highlights including various different rooms and diverse holding highlights as you expand into the energizing game of pigeon hustling.

Cons for building your own:

1) Time intensive as you need to meet state rules in outlining your pigeon coop.

2) Building process may be lumbering and problematic particularly if you live in a group with property holders affiliation.

3) Can be quite expensive, when you choose to move from leisure activity of pigeon care to rearing for dashing pigeons.

Pros for buying:

1) No long start up process you can begin to appreciate taking care and sustaining your pigeons very quickly.

2) Most already built pigeon coops are in compliance with state rules incorporated into the building structure.

3) One set cost for an appealing searching home for your pigeons.

4) Easy to move to moving into the position of dashing and rearing as you can buy a pigeon abiding in the light of this at first.

Cons for obtaining:

1) The loss of fulfillment that accompanies not constructing it with your particular two hands.

2) Limited to the premade outlines that may not be as in vogue as you may have imagined.

3) Set expenses can be a touch out of your value range.

4) Prices may not be suitable or even justified, despite all the trouble in the event that you are uncertain that this will be quite a while wander.

5) Add on highlights may not be conceivable since the outline is made one dimensional and set to conceived configuration restrictions.

Pigeon Houses for Sale

There is a couple of aspects that you must keep in mind when looking for pigeon houses for sale. Below outlines some important seven points to consider when going for the coops.

1. Space – Every feathered creature ought to have three square feet of area in the coop itself, and ten square feet of space in the run. A run is a secured outside area where your hens can get out and do their chicken things.

2. Food and Water – Every feathered creature ought to have access to a lot of new water. Ideally your run will be large enough, and perhaps even portable, so your pigeons can be as near to “free-range” as possible

3. Roosts – Every fledgling ought to have a least ten inches of reserved seating on roosts that are a foot or approximately above the pigeon house floor. They ought to be about an inch square with adjusted edges.

4. Nesting – Every bird should have access to a nesting box.

5. Cleanliness – Every bird should have a clean, very much ventilated space. Your coop ought to be easy to clean, so you don’t keep putting it off. Appliances for food and water ought to be easy to refill and easy to clean.

6. Temperature – Every bird needs to be warm and dry. On the off chance that you live in a harsh climate, hot or icy, getting a type of winged creatures that is acclimated to such.

7. Security – Every winged animal needs to be shielded from varmints to include rats, mice, snakes, hawks, owls, pigeons, crows, and even bacteria and mold. Any screening ought to have gaps no larger than an inch. Since a few varmints ought to tunnel, underground security to be considered.

Hope the above pros and cons are quite elaborate when it comes to building the coops. It is thus a bit difficult to give a clear and straightforward or distinct answer pertaining the direct approach that should be used. Each method has its shortcomings and strength.

Pigeon Games

Pigeon games is a sport that has a single starting gate, and hundred finish lines and that’s why it is called an uncontrolled competition. It is thus an aerial race with several thousands of competitors and no spectators. It is a sport with one of the most amazing creatures, the Homing Pigeon. Like many of nature’s creatures, pigeons have the ability to return to their nesting places from great distances. What makes birds unique is how comfortable they are with humans.

There is no insider facts to pigeon racing. The proper management and knowledge of the fancier and his experience alone will help him. Fanciers who accept that they can make pigeons fly speedier by issuing every one of them sorts of mystery solutions and medications will be baffled by their outcomes. A pigeon can just attain to top exhibitions when it is getting a charge out of immaculate health; it achieves top condition through exercise and correct feeding.

Fundamentals of the Game

The race begins when releasing the pigeons from a distant point called the starting gate or the release station. These releases are standard locations named from the nearest town.The distances from the release stations to each pigeon loft are calculated by special surveyors.

Before the race starts, by placing a numbered rubber band called a countermark on each pigeon’s leg. The bird is officially home when finally placing this countermark into the clock and timing handle on the clock is turned.

When kicking the clock, the exact time is recorded down to a 100th of a second and the countermark enters a sealed tamper proof chamber.

The trainer has to make sure that the racer comes inside quickly so that the countermark can be removed and placed into the clock. With simple mathematics being that distance divided by time equates to speed, the winner is, therefore, the bird with the fastest homing speeds.

The Marathoner
Released in a town they have never before seen, rising from the ground hundreds of the miles from home, these racers take only minutes to get to their bearings.

Training for the game

No matter which place they will fly in the world, or how far they will compete, the basic training of the homing pigeon is the same. The training of the pigeons starts the moment of weaning and has to fend for itself. Weaning youngsters starts at any time between 21 and 28 days of age.

Below are simple steps involved in the training

1. Make sure you have homing and or racing pigeons as other will not fly back over long distances

2. Build a good loft that the birds can enter

3. Make sure that there is a large opening, into which they can fly.

4. Keep your birds in an enclosed space without letting it out for about four weeks.

5. After about four weeks, take your pigeons out and push it through the opening.

6. Once your birds recognize that their loft is their home, it will symbolize safety and security for them.

7. For flying speeds such as homing pigeons or rollers, you can still let the pigeons fly away, and they shall return within a few hours.